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I know the thought of being in front of the camera is terrifying. But being photographed can actually be an amazing experience.

I invite you to stop and take a look through our headshot gallery. None of our clients are models. All of them felt nervous before their shoots.

Yes, you can look as amazing as everyone you see on this website. You can have beautiful headshots that will get you noticed. Images that are authentic to who you are, that look like you, on your best day. Polished. Sophisticated. Strong.

If your headshot isn’t pushing you forward, it could be holding you back. Contact us to book your photoshoot today.

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Your online image is your digital handshake.

It’s more than just a headshot. It’s someone’s first impression of you.

Sophisticated. Approachable. Successful. Bold. Professional. Confident. How do YOU want to be seen?


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10/10 would recommend. I was nervous going into the photo shoot, but Noa made me feel comfortable and beautiful. I had a great time while being photographed and will definitely be returning.

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I cannot recommend her enough. The finished product knocked my socks off!!

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I had a great experience with my headshots with Noa… She made me feel super relaxed and she delivered a beautiful final product.


We specialize in lighting, posing and styling your photoshoot. We coach you through every pose to make you look your best, while you relax and have fun.

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Private Studio

Expert posing & lighting

Photoshoot preparation guide

Professional retouching of your chosen images


About You

You know that a polished & sophisticated online presence is key to elevate your career, attract your dream clients, and stand out from the crowd.

But your current online images? They might be holding you back rather than pushing you forward.

You want strong, beautiful images that look like you (on your best day). Magazine style photos that will stop others in their track and take a double look at you. Pictures that actually make you feel excited to show up in your industry, that showcase you as a professional expert.

Yet the thought of planning a photoshoot sounds daunting….

  • You avoid cameras and/or are introverted

  • You have no clue what to wear and what looks good in photographs.

  • You didn’t lose the 10-20 lbs you set out to lose.

  • Your current headshot is an old picture where you cropped your friends (or kids) out of the group shot

  • Or worse - you had professional photos taken and ended up disappointed (and unsure if you’re “photogenic” and capable of looking like the women you see on my website).

Imagine arriving at our Bergen County Headshot studio (located in Englewood, NJ) for your photoshoot. You come in with your yoga pants and a messy bun. You have brought the outfits we have planned together in your consultation, and/or plan to use some of our studio wardrobe to supplement your choices. As we hand you a coffee or mimosa, you settle into the hair and make up chair while beautiful music is playing in the background. We discuss exactly how you want to be styled - anything from a no-make up look, to full on glam. Because it’s all about you. This is how your perfect headshot photography experience will start like. You only have to show up — from there I handle everything to make you feel and look your best. No need to second guess how to hold your body or what do do with your hands. Even the most camera shy women become addicted to the thrill of falling in love with the most beautiful photos they have ever seen of themselves.


I’m a photographer who specializes in creating modern headshots and personal branding. For the last 10 years I have been helping my clients stand out from the competition with compelling and magazine-quality images. I will guide you every step of the way - from what to wear, to how to pose you in the most flattering way. You’ll be surprised at how quickly your nerves will melt away and you will feel more comfortable in front of the camera than ever before. Yes, I promise it’s possible. I invite you for a session at my private studio, where we will create images that will set you at the top of your industry and develop your unique professional identity.

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Our private headshot photography studio is located in Bergen County NJ, 5 minutes from the GW bridge. We are easily accessible from CT, NY and PA


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